Greenhouse grows Woodcraft Program

One of my jobs last summer was working as the Nature Director at a YMCA boys resident camp in New Jersey. My program was geared to teach campers about the benefits of native plants through the lens of environmental stewardship. One project included planting a native plant rain garden, however the summer culminated with the entire camp lending a hand and hammer to construct a greenhouse for the propagation of said native plants. In the photo you can make out the first crew of our greenhouse crops.


However, the greenhouse experiment did more than teach campers about temperature and humidity. The project demonstrated how much the campers enjoyed working with their hands, making friends in the process of tackling a huge project that required many combined hours of work. Camp directors decided they wanted to try an all new experiment in the form of a full time Woodcraft program for the coming summer, allowing me to share my woodworking skillset with campers. Projects will range from canoes from a single sheet of plywood to birdhouses to picnic tables. Check back over the summer months for great projects for kids!


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