DIY wall receptacles for the Apple fan

Imagine a world significantly simplified by the reduction of… dongles? Yes, dongles. Those annoying and frequently misplaced pieces of plastic that allow you to connect your trusty USB cable to the wall to charge an iPhone, iPad, iPod… you get the iDea. This revolutionary product allows users to skip the middleman, and plug devices directly into the wall. And since USB is a standard voltage, this works with any product that comes equipped with a USB charger.


The device conveniently tacks a USB transformer to a standard outlet which, coupled with the custom faceplate, blends seamlessly into your wall. And for anyone with even a hint of electrical wiring experience, this project should be a cinch. But there’s one catch. The actual transformer is a bit bulky and will only fit in larger electrical boxes typically found only in newer homes. Especially if it’s not an end-of-the-run receptacle with too many wires to compress behind the device. Any questions and you should consult a professional. Or a Home Depot.


The device works flawlessly, and even has a polarity indicator to check your wiring. (Though you should only have a problem if you can’t tell the difference between the white and black wires…) The unit sold is priced at $24.99, pricier than a standard outlet. But factor in the lost dongles from roadtrips past and you’re sure to make up the price difference. It even comes with a handy instruction manual showing different installation scenarios you might encounter.

Pros: Useful, Functional, Good Design

Cons: Potential installation problems, Pricey (especially for multiple devices)


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